Binding & Finishing

Binding can be just as important an element of your printing project as the printing itself and for that reason we offer many options to meet your needs. We are great at choosing the bindery option that best suits your project.

Spiral Binding (Plasticoil)Several books with spiral binding.

Great for manuals, promotional material and textbooks, plastic spiral binding is a standard in binding. It is formed by coiling a single section of plastic wire through a punched book. It is then crimped at either end. Spiral binding allows for easy photocopying and note taking, due to its ability to open 360 degrees.  Plastic spiral binding is available in a wide range of colors and gauges to give you the exact look you desire.

Perfect Binding

An example of perfect binding, a stack of a variety of perfect bound books. Also called a “softcover”, which is similar to a paperback novel binding. Perfect binding is an adhesive binding using EVA hot melt adhesive.  It is excellent for brochures, books and manuals to name a few. We are able to create a high quality product for our customers, with our SULBY Auto-Minabinda MKII perfect binder.


Double Wire-O Binding

Two books with double Wire-O binding.

Professional, secure and versatile this binding is one of the most popular styles available. Wire-O Binding is perfect for manuals, calendars, cookbooks and promotional materials. We install this binding by inserting pre-formed pairs of wired loops into a punched book. An advantage of this binding is its ability to let pages lie flat for easily accessible photocopying and note taking. Wire-O binding elements are available in multiple colors (white, black, silver, bronze, gold, pewter, blue, grey, green, and red) and diameters to give your books the exact look you desire.

Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding on several bound books.

One of our most affordable options, plastic comb binding lets pages lie flat and allows for you to easily add or remove pages with a machine. The great thing about this binding is their durability. They wont scratch, discolor or chip. In order to accommodate your desires, it comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

Saddle StitchingMany booklets that have just been saddle stitched.

Saddle stitching is the most widely used binding option. It is excellent for brochures, newsletters, booklets, direct mailers, catalogs and pamphlets. It is performed when folded signatures are laid over a “saddle”, the material is then stapled along the spine.


At Paragon Printing & Mailing we offer a continuous feed Stahl folding machine with a right angle. Our sales people are always available to help with your fold layouts, so the optimal production plan is always accomplished. We are equipped to handle tricky folds and difficult stock, as well as gate folds.

Other Bindery Services

At Paragon we offer automated and manual collating, tape binding, laminating, drilling, shrink wrapping and poly bagging.