Paragon Printing & Mailing has 40 years of experience fulfilling clients’ digital and offset printing needs. Our staff are seasoned experts in all aspects of digital and offset printing, direct mail advertising, postal regulations, mailing lists, binding, and everything between.

Contact us! You’ll quickly find out that when it comes to printing and mailing services, we exceed all expectations.

Our art department is the center of the creative process. These visual communication aficionados will successfully convey the message you want to send to any target audience.

Our art department specializes in:

  • Creating print-ready artwork that highlights your project’s goals and effectively communicates your message to clients.
  • Prepress review. The art department reviews all artwork to ensure it will be produced at a quality exceeding expectations.
  • We keep you updated. If we cannot fix an artwork issue within a reasonable amount of time, we will confirm the next steps with you.

Our full color and black & white digital presses are ideal for delivering high quality print projects to you quickly and at the lowest price possible.

Our digital presses are ideal for:

  • Quick turnaround time. Digital presses are all about speed and efficiency while retaining the high quality you expect. We run state of the art Ricoh brand digital presses which produce superior image quality and make prints look fantastic.
  • Printing a large variety of paper stocks. Our digital presses print on a variety of paper types and thicknesses from 60# standard text weight to thick 130# cover. We also print on synthetic stocks. Ask us for paper recommendations!
  • Flexibility on project types.  We produce anything you need – flyers, booklets, mailers, stationery and more.
  • Variable data printing. Paragon has a great relationship with the post office, developed from the years of projects we’ve successfully processed alongside them. Our specialty is making the mailing process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our experience in offset printing dates back four decades. We have honed our craft over the years to provide clients with the highest quality prints possible. Our press team has over 10 years experience and can handle any project put in front of them.

Our offset presses can perform:

  • Full color, top quality printing. We guarantee your artwork will be produced at the highest standard and do not settle for anything less.
  • PMS color matching. Give us a Pantone color and our pressman will make sure it matches every single time. We always thoroughly check a hard copy before we run the full project.
  • Production on any paper you need. Our offset machines are flexible on paper stocks and will print a variety of types and thicknesses.
  • Special finishing. Give your marketing an edge by applying varnish, aqueous, or UV coating to your prints. We can provide you samples of whichever finishing you need.

After the design and print phase of your project, bindery is the next step. From perfect binding to saddle stitching and padding, our bindery services are top notch.

Our bindery department is excellent at:

  • Making books. Our bindery team can meticulously prepare saddle stitch, perfect bound and spiral bound books at a breakneck speed.
  • Folding. Our bindery department won’t “fold” under pressure.  Click here for just a few of the different kinds of folds we can do.
  • Die cutting. Need your print to be a non-square shape? We can cut it to any shape or size you need.
  • Scoring. When projects like brochures and presentation folders are printed on thicker paper, they need a crease line down the center to keep the fold from looking unprofessional. This is called “scoring”.
  • Hand folding and inserting. Sometimes a print job just can’t be machine folded. Never fear – our bindery department is here! We have years of experience with hand folding and inserting with the speed necessary to keep your project on track to meet deadlines.
  • Drilling, laminating, shrink wrapping and polybagging. These are just a few of the additional services we provide to make sure your job prints and mails professionally and efficiently.

Our mail department can provide, edit and protect any mailing list you need. Mail merging your in-house or purchased mailing lists into your document is no problem! Security is our priority and we will make sure your job stays private.

We specialize in:

  • Mailing lists. We can design a mailing list to suit your project’s goals. Click here to see our options for data processing.
  • Increased deliverability. We ensure your mail reaches its destination using NCOA database checking and CASS certification.
  • Mail merge. We can place an unlimited number of fields from your mailing list into your letter.
  • List maintenance. Don’t waste time or money sending printed materials to undeliverable, out of date or duplicate addresses. Our system identifies these addresses and alerts us, fully optimizing the mail process before print. We are database experts!
  • Every Day Direct Mail (EDDM). If you would rather saturate an area than focus on specific addresses, we will select carrier routes for you.

Ideal mailing is when you are paying the best postage rate and getting less return mail. Our relationship with the post office is deep. We excel at optimizing the mail experience.
  • Inkjet addressing: We have the ability to mail merge the addresses you need in any font or color possible.
  • Postage: We know the ins and outs of non-profit, first-class, standard indicias and more. Our mail professionals can guide you to make sure your artwork receives the stamp that works best for your mailing goals.
  • Direct mail tracking: We track all of our mail with an Intelligent Mail Barcode to make sure every piece gets to who it needs to.
  • Mail delivery: Our mail department wants to make this as easy as possible for you. We will even sort, tray and deliver all of your mail to the post office so you won’t need to worry about it.
  • Postal regulation guarantee: From their years of experience, our mail team are experts on postal regulations. We work with the post office to make sure your order gets out to your customers smoothly as possible.
  • Pre-cancelled stamps: These will make your standard mail look first class.
  • Tabbing: We will apply tabs to your piece as needed to meet postal regulations.